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Here at Pangulf we know how important it is to find your perfect mattress, after all we spend a third of our lives in bed. Whether you are looking for pocket spring or memory foam, traditional spring or gel, we have a wide range of luxurious mattresses to ensure a great night's sleep.
Mattress Type
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Traditional Spring Mattresses
Features a series of connected springs for excellent support over the entire sleeping area.
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Pocket spring mattresses
Individual springs that move independently to conform to body shape. Relieves pressure and prevents 'roll together'.
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Combination mattresses
Combines springs, and a layer of memory foam, latex or gel. Enhanced comfort and pressure relief.
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Advanced mattresses
The ultimate in comfort and support. Advanced materials like memory foam, latex or gel provide enhanced support and comfort.
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Memory foam mattresses
Innovative and responsive memory foam; conforms to your shape and provides outstanding superior comfort.
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Latex mattresses
Contours to body shape, providing improved support and comfort. The natural elasticity of latex allows it to spring back into shape as you move.
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Natural mattresses
Layers of natural fibres provide an extremely comfortable sleeping surface whilst also providing exceptional support for your body.
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Adjustable mattresses
Complete your adjustable base or power bed with one of our high quality adjustable mattresses for optimum personalised comfort.